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A Student In Need

Generally speaking, I try to keep this blog about me and my life. But sometimes little things  touch my heart and I need to share them with you. Today one of the amazing UWC Costa Rica students, whom I know through … Continue reading

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How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?

When planning the second part of my spring break, I mentioned to Liz that I might want to go to Salzburg, and wondered if she would like to join me. She said yes and added that we could book a … Continue reading

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Culture Filled Weekend

School is back in session, today began the second week with students. My classes this year have been good so far. My new classroom management techniques seem to be working to everyone’s advantage. Also, the simple fact that I know … Continue reading

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Emirates Palace, Round 2

Well, these have been a busy past two days. On Tuesday we were taken to our new apartments in Al Ain. It took most of the day, but it was nice to finally see where I’ll be living for the … Continue reading

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It took 36 hours, but I’m here!

I left my parent’s house on Tuesday, August 7 around 6pm. After a nice Thai dinner my mom and sister dropped me off at my hotel. It was a teary good bye, but I was so grateful to have those … Continue reading

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Long day and lots of air miles

Next Tuesday (August 7) I begin the second and final leg of my journey to Abu Dhabi. I will leave Eugene on Tuesday for a hotel near the Portland Airport. Wednesday morning at 7am I will leave Oregon for JFK … Continue reading

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Completing the Bucket List

I love Oregon. It has so much to offer. Beautiful coastline, awesome mountains, wonderful lakes and rivers and tons of covered bridges. Covered bridges are so fun and old fashioned, I just love them. This week, as I await departure … Continue reading

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Beijing State of Mind

Last Thursday as I stood in line at the Beijing airport I realized that my trip to Beijing marked my tenth international flight. Which means when I head off to the UAE I will be starting a new chapter of … Continue reading

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Spring Vacation

My best friend, Angie, and I have been trying to get together since the flu-filled Thanksgiving of 2010. We haven’t had the best of luck. When I decided to take the teaching job in Abu Dhabi, I knew we would … Continue reading

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Paperwork & New Friends

Putting my passport in the mail and shipping it off is very uncomfortable for me. I love that some countries don’t require visas or make them easy to get. Unfortunately, some countries are not quite as flexible; for example, China. … Continue reading

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