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Abu Dhabi Tourist

It has been a pretty relaxing and hot first few days in Abu Dhabi. On Saturday morning, with the mercury inching above 100F, a fellow teacher and I headed out to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Emirates … Continue reading

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It took 36 hours, but I’m here!

I left my parent’s house on Tuesday, August 7 around 6pm. After a nice Thai dinner my mom and sister dropped me off at my hotel. It was a teary good bye, but I was so grateful to have those … Continue reading

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Last week in Oregon

For the past couple weeks I have been in Eugene relaxing and enjoying my favorite things: cooking, swimming, bike riding, being with family and friends and of course, watching the Olympics. I’ve seen Olympic heroes rise and fall in this … Continue reading

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Long day and lots of air miles

Next Tuesday (August 7) I begin the second and final leg of my journey to Abu Dhabi. I will leave Eugene on Tuesday for a hotel near the Portland Airport. Wednesday morning at 7am I will leave Oregon for JFK … Continue reading

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Um, yeah, I don’t know where that is…

That (post title) is what I frequently hear when I talk to people about my upcoming job. Last weekend was my little sister’s wedding reception and I saw many people from my past. When I run into people (like at … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Vantage Points:
Check out this neat time-lapse video (which neither of us had anything to do with creating, mind you) for some nice shots of the Emirates.  It makes me want to hop on a plane right…

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The First Box

Last weekend I was pretty busy mentally preparing to pack up all my stuff. Three or four different times I had mini-panic attacks. What do I pack? What do I throw away? Ugh! My goal is to only have two … Continue reading

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More Documents…

Applying to work overseas really is a ton of work. You have to be dedicated to the cause! Here is a little summary of what I’ve done in order to secure this position in Abu Dhabi. First, I applied via … Continue reading

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Paperwork & New Friends

Putting my passport in the mail and shipping it off is very uncomfortable for me. I love that some countries don’t require visas or make them easy to get. Unfortunately, some countries are not quite as flexible; for example, China. … Continue reading

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