The Wedding

Not long ago, a friend invited me to her daughter’s wedding. I was not only thrilled to be invited to a wedding, but I was also very honored. The family is Palestinian and she told me that it would be a modern wedding with traditional “treats”. I was very excited, but I didn’t have anything to wear.

A few days later I was invited to tea at another friend’s house. As luck would have it, this friend has been here for a while and has been to a few weddings…which meant she had dresses. After tea (which included a delicious carrot cake!) I tried on a few of her dresses and picked out one that I liked. It was perfect for the wedding and also perfect for having a tailor copy. Which is exactly what I planned to do.

About a week and a half before the wedding I took the dress to the fabric shop and tried to match the fabric, unfortunatly they didn’t have anything I liked. So, I took it to the tailor and asked for advice. He showed me another fabric shop nearby, which luckily had all the things I needed. I left the fabric shop with fabric and embellishments for 85 dirhams ($23 US) and took it straight to the tailor. He took my measurements and my thoughts for how I’d like the dress to be made and told me it would be done in one week at the cost of 150 dirhams ($40 US). A week later I picked up the dress.

My new dress and I just arrived at the wedding.

My new dress and I just arrived at the wedding.

So there you go!! Pretty awesome and it was a great deal! Anyway, back to the wedding. So the picture above is when we had just arrived at the wedding. Notice all the people? Yeah, me neither. When I was invited she said to be there at 8pm, I asked her if that was 8pm and casually late or just 8pm. She said, no, no everyone will be there at 8pm. Hmmm….

The waiters that greeted us with warm towels and juice, water or soda.

The waiters that greeted us with warm towels and juice, water or soda.

The wedding hall.

The wedding hall.

The guests did start arriving shortly after we did (around 8:30pm) and things got into full-swing around 9pm. Luckily the tables were decorated with beautiful center pieces, gifts and food to keep me occupied while I waited.

Center-piece with dates and my gift.

Center-piece with dates and my gift.

My gift.

My gift.

At around 9pm the guests started leaving the wedding hall and filling up the entry (where I was standing in the “dress picture”). A long red carpet led to a beautiful stairway. At the bottom of the stairway was a traditional Palestinian band/dance/singing group. They sang and danced the bride and groom into the wedding hall.IMG_3342 IMG_3345

After the bride and groom were seated on their beautiful white couch on the stage (see above wedding hall picture) the dancers returned for a few dances.

Entertaining the bride and groom (and the guests).

Entertaining the bride and groom (and the guests).

As the dancers finished, in came a beautiful tiered cake, very traditional wedding style. The bride and groom came down from the stage and cut the cake. The instrument that the groom used to cut the cake was a traditional Palestinian sword. I was too far away to get a good picture, but it was a very cool thing to see.

After the cutting of the cake the dancing began. The men were the primary dancers at first. Many of the dances appeared to be traditional dances where all the guys knew not only the movements but also the chants/songs that go with them. But they also played some current “hits”, which got me on the dance floor. Around 10pm the buffet opened, and we got some food including some good desserts. We did some more dancing, got our picture taken with the bride and groom and all-in-all had a very fun night.

After the wedding we walked back to our hotel which was just across Sheikh Zayed Road (in Dubai). The weather was perfect and the sights were pretty good too.

IMG_3373 IMG_3374

About Andrea

I am teacher and traveler blogging my experiences living as an expat from the USA. From 2007-2012 I lived and worked in Oregon, USA. From 2012 (when I started blogging) to 2014, I lived and worked in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. In August 2014 I begin living and working in Santa Ana, Costa Rica.
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