I blame Oregon for this!

This has been a frustrating week. It has been so frustrating, that I’m not sure I will even be able to write about it without cursing all over the internet. But I’ll see if I can try.

Last week I took my Oregon Driver’s License to be translated into Arabic. It cost me 100dhs ($27). It took them two days to do this translation. I picked it up on Saturday morning. On Sunday, after work, I went to the Licensing Department. I was ushered into the women’s waiting room (past about ten waiting men) where I was helped right away. The nice woman at the Licensing Department began to open my application for a UAE driver’s license. She spent some time looking at my license translation and then informed me that the license wasn’t valid for long enough. At least I think that is what she was trying to say. And this is where I blame Oregon.

It would take me ages to explain why I blame Oregon, and I don’t want to bore you with the details. But what you need to know is this, the translated document didn’t include all the details they needed at the Transportation Office (to ensure that I’ve been a valid driver for longer than one month) and I was sent away to change the license.

I returned to the translation office and explained the problem. They said that they would fix it and to come back tomorrow (it wasn’t that easy, but I don’t have the heart to explain). On Monday I returned, only to be told to return again the following day (they also claimed they would call, but that never happened). Today I returned, yet again. Of course the translation wasn’t there, so I demanded a refund. Well I didn’t have to demand really at all, I just said, I want my money back, easy as that.

Then I drove home to change clothes and head back out to a translation office I’d read about on-line. This very kind man explained to me that while he’d like to help me, he needs a letter from the Licensing Department saying that he must translate all the parts of the license exactly they way it is on the license. SERIOUSLY!! Isn’t that your job?!!? I left his office in tears (for the second time in two days!) and headed straight to the Licensing Department.

The officers at the Licensing Department were very sympathetic. They were actually so sympathetic that it occurred to me that if I’d been a bit more pushy on Sunday, I could have avoided all of this in the first place. But if I think like that I get even more annoyed! So they told me of a place to go and said they would take care of me. Um…okay.

Just to give you a time frame I left my house at 4:45pm. At this point it is now 6pm and I’m headed to this “unknown” translation office. Which of course I can’t find. So I go back to the Man Who Sent Me Away in Tears and tell him that the officers told me to go to a different office. Well, that seemed to do the trick. He told me, no, no he will do it.

But he didn’t really do much, I had to do a lot. First I had to take my license and get it color copied at a place downstairs (20dhs). Return to the Man for the translation, which he hand-wrote. Then take the handwritten document to a typing office down the street to have it typed up (5dhs), then return to the Man. Then he glued the color copy of my license on the translation, stamped it, signed it and took my 120dhs. (So this was not only more expensive but a heck of a LOT more work.)

I returned home at 8pm and honestly don’t really know what to think about this whole experience. What I do know, is if Oregon would have just let me renew my driver’s license beyond the 2013 expiration date, none of this would have even happened.

So please, cross your fingers that my next blog post says that I’ve finally received my UAE driver’s license. Which hopefully will be tomorrow!!!!

The office of the Man Who Sent Me Away in Tears, is near this roundabout.


About Andrea

I am teacher and traveler blogging my experiences living as an expat from the USA. From 2007-2012 I lived and worked in Oregon, USA. From 2012 (when I started blogging) to 2014, I lived and worked in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. In August 2014 I begin living and working in Santa Ana, Costa Rica.
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11 Responses to I blame Oregon for this!

  1. theRands says:

    Translation hassles aside, I’m more impressed that they let you get the license without the Emirates ID card or receipt. They turned me away. Perhaps I need to go again and ask another woman.

    • Andrea says:

      Don’t count your chickens before they hatch…I don’t have the license yet. Though when I explained that ADEC is processing the ID, she seemed fine with that.

  2. Pam And Ken says:

    Well it does make for an interesting blog feature. Sorry you are having these problems, honey. Mom

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Lara says:

    Ah the red tape – how I do not miss that and I’m sure it’s worse in Al Ain then Dubai – sorry to hear its getting you so upset, I know how frustrating it can be – chin up im sure it will eventually get sorted – if they do not transfer your licence – maybe you can try get a letter from your Oregan licencing dept? Fingers crossed you don’t need to do that xx

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks Lara! I think it was my first breaking point, you know? Work has been a bit rough and then with this, I think it was just the final straw, you know? But it all worked out, I’m legal to drive now!

  4. Tami says:

    So, this probably wouldn’t be a good time to tell you that last month my wallet was lost/stolen. When I went to the DMV to replace my license for $26 they let me renew it for $40 because it expires in October 2013. It’s now valid until 2021.
    As a side note, the only other place that charged anything for a replacement was the public library. $5 per card; good thing I only had mine and Karlie’s!
    And AMEX overnighted a new card. Had it in 12 hours at no charge!

    • Andrea says:

      Well now Tami that is what I wanted to do, but I was two months too early. 😦 Sorry you lost your wallet! Even more sorry if it was actually stolen!! That would not be fun!

  5. Martin Fullard says:

    Aha! I wasn’t laughing at your misfortune but I raised a sympathetic smile. I have been dealing with this for 5 years, and I’m afraid to say things don’t get much better anywhere else. I know a few tricks to get by a bit easier so don’t be afraid to ask me for any tips!

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