Spring Vacation

A sign and my very own wine glass greeted me upon my arrival to Angie’s house.

My best friend, Angie, and I have been trying to get together since the flu-filled Thanksgiving of 2010. We haven’t had the best of luck. When I decided to take the teaching job in Abu Dhabi, I knew we would need to see eachother before I left. I had been planning to go during the summer, but with the China trip and packing, that was starting to seem impractical. A month or so ago I got an email alert that tickets to Kansas City (where Angie and her family live) were under $200. After a few hectic minutes on the phone trying to figure out if we could find a weekend that worked for both of us, I bought my tickets. Kansas City, here I come.

I am now wrapping up my long weekend after what has been a wonderful trip! We’ve done a lot of things this weekend, including potty training a two year old! I even got to make some additions to my life bucket lists. I added another state to my “States I’ve Visited List”, this time it was Kansas. We spent some time shopping in Overland Park, Kansas and had lunch at a great little burger joint called Unforked.  They had gluten-free buns! And of course we topped our burgers off with Sheridan’s Famous Frozen Custard! I’ve also added another state to my “States I’ve Driven In”, Missouri. Much to Angie’s dismay she had to work today, but she lent me her car and I took a quick trip to the Kansas City Zoo.

It has been a great time here in KCMO and I’m going to be sad to leave. Luckily, Angie and I have an amazing friendship and since we’ve been living apart for quite some time, I don’t think my move to the UAE will effect our friendship too much!

Here are some highlights of my trip!

Playing in the park with Jace.

While shopping in Country Club Plaza, we found a fountain that was a good representation of Angie’s work in potty training Jace.

Had delicious BBQ and listened to some music!

One thing you’ll learn about me, is that I love to take pictures of my food when I’m traveling. Last night we had some really great BBQ and I of course had to take some pics! We went to BB’s Lawnside BBQ for some blues and food. We had a great time, just us adults, and great food!

Lost of good bbq to go around!

Enjoying our dinner!

We clearly enjoyed our food!

This trip isn’t over! I am writing this as a rest my feet from walking around the zoo. Then I’m headed to Downtown Historic Liberty, KC Business District and who knows what else. Then back home, and back to reality, tomorrow.


About Andrea

I am teacher and traveler blogging my experiences living as an expat from the USA. From 2007-2012 I lived and worked in Oregon, USA. From 2012 (when I started blogging) to 2014, I lived and worked in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. In August 2014 I begin living and working in Santa Ana, Costa Rica.
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1 Response to Spring Vacation

  1. Angie says:

    YAY! I made the blog! Thanks for coming to visit! Love you so much!!

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