When I agreed to start a blog (my bff, who helped me find the job insisted on it), I decided I wouldn’t start it until I could think of a good name for the blog. Out of no where, while in Group Power at 8am on a Saturday, the name came to me. It made perfect sense to me, but I think I better explain it just in case.

The two words have very similar meaning and in-fact one is simply derived from the other. Insh’Allah means “God willing” (or something similar) in Arabic. When the Arabs (Moors) ruled the Iberian Peninsula many of their words transferred into the Spanish lexicon. In Spanish ojalá, paired with “que”, means “God willing”. They’re not only virtually the same word, but are used in the same manner.

I found the title fitting for two reasons:

  1. The only foreign country I’ve lived in is Spain. I am now planning to live in my next foreign country, the UAE–so the words represent my foreign country living and the mindset you need when living overseas.
  2. I have been teaching primarily Spanish speaking students (not all but most) and I am surrounded by the Spanish language everyday, which is exactly what I expect in the UAE, with Arabic as the new language.

About Andrea

I am teacher and traveler blogging my experiences living as an expat from the USA. From 2007-2012 I lived and worked in Oregon, USA. From 2012 (when I started blogging) to 2014, I lived and worked in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. In August 2014 I begin living and working in Santa Ana, Costa Rica.
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2 Responses to Explanations

  1. Rachel Heiligman says:

    Love the title! I’m excited to hear more about your adventures. What’s the new job? How long will you be in UAE?

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