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More Documents…

Applying to work overseas really is a ton of work. You have to be dedicated to the cause! Here is a little summary of what I’ve done in order to secure this position in Abu Dhabi. First, I applied via … Continue reading

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Oregon Bucket List

While I wait for my teaching license and diploma to return from “authentication” in Washington, DC, I’ve started thinking about my Oregon Bucket List (OBL). Two years ago I had a life bucket list, but I’ve put that aside for … Continue reading

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Paperwork & New Friends

Putting my passport in the mail and shipping it off is very uncomfortable for me. I love that some countries don’t require visas or make them easy to get. Unfortunately, some countries are not quite as flexible; for example, China. … Continue reading

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When I agreed to start a blog (my bff, who helped me find the job insisted on it), I decided I wouldn’t start it until I could think of a good name for the blog. Out of no where, while … Continue reading

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The Beginning

For the past year I have been planning a very big journey. I didn’t know when I started where I would end up, and I still don’t really know. What I do know, is that sometime this summer I will … Continue reading

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